If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Red Squirrel on Logs.

Usually we put the trail camera out to see what we have had by way of night visitors to the garden.   The most exciting thing we have had so far is the nightly hedgehog.   That and the occasional cat, why oh why don't owners keep them in at night so less damage is done to local wildlife.

Recently I have been putting it out during the day pointing at a pile of logs, which are hopefully forming a home for many "wee beasties".  To make sure there was something for the camera to capture I place a few seeds and a couple of nuts among the logs.  This has ensured a steady stream of small birds and the squirrels.

So as a change from showing a Squirrel in an artificial setting, bird table or feeder I have chosen a more natural shot from the log pile.

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