Looking Over North Bridge

Our day started the hospital.  Slight change to the routine today, as BB got his cast taken off before his x-rays.  We then eventually saw the consultant, who had a couple of medical students in with him today.  He was pleased with BB’s progress and showed us the new x-rays, pointing out the new bone growing around the breaks.  The breaks are still very evident though.  His cast is now off and it just has to continue healing and the bones will fuse in time.  He has to be very careful over the next couple of weeks and there is still no sport for another six weeks.  Unless there are any problems, BB is now signed off from the consultant.  His poor arm is a shadow of its former self and it is not attractive, with the skin all wrinkly, peeling and crusty.  It could be a good prop for Halloween!!

TT took BB back to school and I headed to work, where I spent the day catching up with things and meeting a new member of staff.  By the time I got home this evening, TT had helped BB to exfoliate his arm in the shower – though I think it could go on for days!  I then helped him moisturise his arm.  He says it feels weird, but hopefully he’ll get used to it quite quickly and he will be able to use it more and more each day – while being careful!

A view over North Bridge.

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