By Teasel

Bobbing Around

A long lie for me, making the most of the extra hour in bed.  It was another beautiful day and I eventually headed out for a run.  Five lovely miles, apart from the start when I was running straight into quite a strong wind.  Once home it was time to hang the washing out and nag BB about getting dressed.  He had half watched the rugby today, but he didn’t care who won.

After an improvised lunch we head to Dunbar, so that BB could get some fresh air.  He complained incessantly about the cold as he was wearing shorts and hadn’t brought a coat. We came home via the supermarket, then I had to act as scribe for his maths homework.  After tea, we watched a bit of David Attenborough’s new programme, another programme about our new aircraft carrier and then Simon Reeve’s America.  A good night’s viewing.  TT returned in the middle of all that, and showed us his photos of snow on the hills above Loch Tay.

These eider ducks were bobbing around in Dunbar harbour.

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