Fully interlocking

... that's me! Or it was me earlier this year, paddling in the Tasman Sea. It's one of fifteen lovely memories from our Australian trip earlier this year that I turned into a collage.

Going to pieces (inset) is more how I feel at the moment, but I blame the weather. More relentless gales and rain. Ugh! Today we made a trip to Lidl simply to get out of the house as we were going stir-crazy.

The 500-piece jigsaw, ordered through Photobox, was produced by German jigsaw-makers, Ravensburger, and mailed direct from the manufacturers. They make my favourite jigsaws - whether off the shelf or made to order - as every piece is different, so there's never any doubt that a piece is correctly placed. No shapes are interchangeable, which is how I like jigsaws to be.

Thanks for all the appreciation for my yesterblip. I'm sure I'm not alone in struggling to fire up my blipmojo in this horrible weather. Makes me particularly enjoy looking at others' photos, especially sunny ones!

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