Boo at the Zoo ....

.... again.

We had so much fun last year at Boo at the Zoo we simply had to go again this year .... even though we are much too busy at home!

But first we stopped by the farm where we buy the dried cow corn (still on the cob) that we give to our squirrels.  They love it!  I also picked up a much smaller pumpkin than the one seen in yesterday's picture. 

Pictured in my zoo collage are Mexican gray wolves, Murphy the Masai giraffe, an African penguin (AKA: Jackass penguins!) and a silly astronaut family!  It's not so much that the family is silly .... it's the mom's skintight costume and high heels!  Well, it's not something I would wear to walk around the zoo!

Backblipped:  October 31, 2019 .... slowly trying to catch up.

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