Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Red Bird Of Paradise

I was shocked to see one of these bushes still with flowers. The one on the other side of my back wall is completely bare. I might try to reach over for some seed pods and try to get one to grow in the front yard. Butterflies love them.

I asked the guy whose townhouse is attached to mine if I could have the short trellises he had stuck behind a giant bush where he couldn’t see them but I could. Since he was going to throw them out he gave them to me. I’m going to paint and stick them into the ground on an angle leaning on the wall. I thought that they would create some perching spots.

I spent most of the afternoon and evening getting ready for my first ever yard sale tomorrow. The old folk in this town go gaga over them. I’ll have just a few things to set up in the morning, mainly pulling a few tables out of the garage and posting some signs. A couple of friends will be here at 6:30 to help. Neither one was very thrilled with that (it’s not very exciting to me, either) but people drive around looking for sales at the crack of dawn.

It’s going to be cold (50F) but will reach 80F later. I love this time of year. Cold to very warm to cold again.

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