... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Menorca Day 9: Taking a Dive

Foolhardier in large?
Extras: Llaut at sunrise (2/3) and Sharp street shadows
Back blip

A sunrise with dramatic horizon effect (reflecting rimlit clouds) and a ferry transit (and pigeons)...
We went to Mahon for morning coffee,  errand running, and tapas lunch at the fish market (Mercado de Pescados / Mercat des Peix). We then went on to Son Ganxo so that Tom could dive in to the nice bay there (even though the restaurant itself was closed); it was rather wavier than I'd consider jumping in to, but Swimrunning has tweaked Tom's tolerances.

This day's pictures are here (or right from Watching the sunrise?)
Flickr albums: October Shortlist & October Longlist

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