Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Woodwind Band

The weekend at last!! I woke and found my phone next to my pillow. I had fallen asleep typing my Thursday journal almost at the end of it!! Needless to say, it was a very relaxed morning. The SA had a joint meeting, earlier than normal, so we had to decide which service to go to.

Nice to see the band coming along. There are such challenges to being able to practice together, but the members are very committed. We had a great meeting followed by lunch. Somehow, a plan was made for a few of the ladies to go to Global Village which started on Tuesday.

I would never choose to visit GV on a weekend, but you can understand that working folk don't have any other opportunities, especially if they live in RAK! Fortunately, there was time to come home, have a cup of tea and hang up a load of washing.

I didn't think it would be too busy as in previous years, it's taken a few weeks for all the retail space to be rented out and also for people to catch up with the fact that Global Village has started again. Well, how wrong I was. We didn't have the long queue on the highway to get into the area, but by 6:25, our usual car park was already full and we were made to go to another car park. P5 to be precise, which is ten minutes walk away from the entrance.

Katy was already there and had bought tickets for everyone. Our other friends hadn't registered the time, so we visited countries close to the entrance so that one of us could nip out quickly to handover the tickets.

The site has been further enhanced and you can tell thought has been put into some areas. If it wasn't so heaving, I might have explored more. G & I both decided not to take our cameras, but rather, just use our phones.

Being the weekend, there were fireworks (see extra). It emerged that our three younger friends, despite growing up in the UAE, had only been to Global Village three other times in their entire lives!! I think they enjoyed being reacquainted with it. We ate at a Lebanese restaurant and went on the carousel. Some things never lose their appeal! :D

We didn't get home until after midnight!

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