The weather forecast wasn’t good for the whole weekend.  Sure enough it looked damp and grim outside, but once I had got BB out the door, I set off on a run.  It was mild and there was no wind, so even though there was a bit of rain, it was ok.  Avoiding the big puddles was tricky in place.  As I neared home a dog leaped up at me.  I’m starting to think I attract jumping dogs.

After a  very quick turnaround, I headed into town to meet a friend for a catch up over a cuppa.  We had arranged to meet in a café which I had never been to.  I couldn’t find the door.  There were three possibilities, but I walked past them all!  Turns out the middle door was the entrance.  We had a good blether and I had a good cheese scone.  We then went our separate ways.  I headed to the supermarket for lunch provisions,  When I came out it was pouring, so I was well and truly drookit by the time I got home.  BB was also drookit when he got home from school.

Given the weather is set to be grim all weekend, it seemed a good time to make a pot of soup – my take on Moroccan harira.  Later I went out for a wee walk – not far as I remembered the clocks had changed and it would soon be dark.  It was then home to get BB fed and out to Scouts and then more cooking.  I roasted some of our tomato glut, made a tomato sauce and used it in a tomato and prawn risotto – which was delicious.

I spent the rest of the evening on the sofa in front of the TV.

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