British Linen Bank

My turn to get BB ready for school – as he still he cannot tie his laces or button his shirt.  It was a lovely morning and I had a nice drive to the station.  The train turned up on time and I even got a seat.  What a good start to the day!

I had lots of bits and pieces to deal with today, but even so didn’t get everything ticked off my list.  I did have to pop out at lunchtime to pick something up.  I placed the order a couple of weeks ago, and it should have been delivered to the shop the next day.  Almost a week later I eventually got a message saying my purchase no longer available.  Then a few days later I got another message saying my order was ready to be collected.  All very strange, but my order was in the shop and it was the right thing.

I spent the afternoon in meetings, of which the last one overran.  I wasn’t paying attention to the time, so ended up on a later train than I should have, and then there was a hold up on the A1.  Another easy tea was cooked tonight!  Later I renewed by blip membership and then popped to the supermarket.

I grabbed this blip at lunchtime. This is an interesting read about the British Linen Bank.

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