but I was rather busy, first with walking along the ponds, then cycling almost to the centre city and back and finally in the afternoon to the cycle shop choosing a new simple bike. From there Piet Hein and I cycled to the sea taking a path through the dunes.
I saw at my right standing in the sand on top of a dune a fox! A real one!
I stood in one moment still, reached for my camera, screamed to Piet Hein, but he did not hear me, he was just going downhill in a nice pace.
The fox walked slowly over the top and disappeared. Mischa I showed the only picture with the animal in it. Not really recognizable, but it was a first time seeing a fox so near.
The crow in the picture did let me take pictures as a real star.
Rather tired now.

My haiku:

Crisp winter weather
I smell the salt of the sea
The crow preens quietly

And the proverb:

A portionless dame sits long at hame.

This proverb makes no sense to me!

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