Fractal Reflections

We took quite a long walk in the sun today. Down across the fields to the beaver stream, then round and about to the stream that emerges from the forest, also with steadily enlarging beaver dams.  This image is taken looking down into the pool behind one of the dams. The reflection of the trees  is distorted by the thin skim of ice crystals on the surface of the pool. The reflection reproduces the colour of the deep blue and cloudless sky.
You can see the whole pool in HarlingDarling's blip.
When we got home the sun had gone from our garden and I got very cold hands staking up the black berry bushes so they wouldn't be crushed by the coming snow. I warmed up again by splitting around 10 big logs!
I finished off the day by setting up our new printer, bought on Friday. The old one was 10 years old and had started to use a vast amount of expensive ink. This one comes with bottles of ink to pour in, rather than cartridges, and promises several thousand pages before we need new ink. We shall see. The installation was certainly a lot easier than it used to be - all done via wifi and internet.

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