Mending Blankets

I have mentioned that I've been sorting through my oldest sister's things. I brought back a number of her blankets on the last trip down to my parents' house. I've been washing things as I get a chance, and mending what needs to be mended.

One of the blankets was this lovely, happy thing. It was clearly handmade, though who made it I do not know for sure; my cousin suggests the seamstress may have been my maternal grandmother. It was showing some signs of wear, and there were some holes in it that needed to be fixed.

So I got out my trusty needle and thread and spent a good hour and a half doing some touch-up work, adding a stitch here and a stitch there. This is a photo of the blanket once it was fixed. A pretty thing, eh?

The soundtrack is the Bee Gees, with How Can You Mend a Broken Heart. I'm including two versions, one by the very young BeeGees, and one by them when they were older.

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