Housenick County Park ....

..... walking the dog.  

Even though dogs aren't allowed at this park many people still bring their dogs here.  This couple was walking their dog off leash until we got closer to them.  There is typically a lot of wildlife at this park so it bothers me a little lot bit when we encounter off-leash dogs.  We once saw a deer running for it's life whilst being chased by such a dog.  It was very upsetting to see that.  

Please don't get me wrong .... I love dogs. But it irritates me when people disregard the park rules ..... which are clearly printed on the signs. Sorry for the rant!

We were both busy around the house for most of the day but we did carve out some time for a quick walk.  Now that the clocks are back to standard time we won't be able to get out for a walk after dinner.  It'll be too dark by then.  

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