I Witness

By KangaZu

Mono Monday: Week 302 .....

.... Still life.  

To me nothing says "still life" quite like the stillness and quiet of a cemetery.  

I went out this morning to do some grocery shopping .....

But before I did I visited Hope Cemetery to look for something for my Mono Monday blip.  It was one of the first things I thought about for 'still life'.  Even though I love putting together little vignettes with squirrel props I'm not very good with creating a real still life tableau. 

So it's a good think that I love walking through a cemetery ... so peaceful and quiet.  I came across a sweet little angel watching over this grave. I love the tiny bird being held in her hands.  I didn't even mind having to get down on the ground to get my picture!

I have caught up on my weekend blips .... starting with Saturday's walk in the woods. 

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