By strawhouse

All At Sea

Day two of our cruise and it's been my favourite kind - a day at sea!
Nothing but eating, drinking, swimming, sunbathing, dolphin spotting (without success!), eating, drinking, reading, visiting the Planetarium, eating, drinking, watching a hilarious and fascinating talk about grammar and language by Lynne Truss who wrote Eats, Shoots and Leaves (which sounds dull but was brilliant. Even the Little Misses enjoyed it!), watching films, eating, drinking, dressing up and eating a bit more. 
Our cabin is on the same deck as the pool and one flight of stairs down from the Kings Court (where you can eat as much as you like all day long!) The Little Misses loved having a bit of freedom to roam between the cabin, the pool and the food. I was much more relaxed about them being out of my sight than I thought I would be. They're growing up!
Norway tomorrow, whoop whoop!!

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