By dogwithnobrain

And I ride and I ride

So,  your kid ...

(i say kid, because he is my kid.   He is an adult, I KNOW this, but he's still my kid...) 

.. he phones me on Saturday and says, "Mum you are not going to believe what we're doing tomorrow". 

"We are going with a guy, in a landrover, out into the Mongolian "outback" and we're going to find a Nomadic tribe and stay with them for the night". 

Wow.  That sounds cool right? 

Then I said to him, how did you find out about this? 

"A man came up to us in the town square - the other night".  

(This would be "the other night, when they thought they might get arrested for dancing around the square in the middle of the night when no one was there). 

He approached them and told them he could do this for them. 

Do you have ANY IDEA how many scenarios played round in my head.  How many scenarios I had to keep in my head, un til they did their thing and either came back or didn't .

So I have kept my council and waited and waited.   We got a picture and a video of Boy with an eagle ... and then Gal on top of the Ghengis Khan monument - massive great big silver thing. 

Then nothing....

Then this morning - "We're fine". 

(Because obviously I've text "Are you okay"  "Are you alive" "where are you".)

There then followed a series of non-descript comments, so I immediately demanded a "right now" photo, so that I could confirm it was them, and not some Mongolian Hit man who had borrowed their phone. 

It was them.  

And then followed the tale. 

Boy has been drinking fermented horse milk - and watched the horses being milked. 

He also ate Goats guts for breakfast - that would be right after they killed the goat in front of them. 

Oh my heavens above. 

I think maybe being kidnapped might have been the easier option to deal with. 

He didn't send a picture of the goat , but he did send a photo of the guts cooking.  

I almost barfed on myself. 

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