Blue tit

The feeder is suddenly busy. There are still a few berries on the garden rowan trees but they're being stripped off by starlings, blackbirds and thrushes. The smaller birds; finches, tits, sparrows and robins are busy with the bird seed. Here's a blue tit coming in to land - or perhaps taking off.

It's wet but not pouring. I was at the dentist first thing and for once my appointment wasn't too long. I immediately compromised the hygienist's good work with a large coffee. Then a trip to the library where Kerry Hudson's book Lowborn was waiting for me to collect. A bit of essential shopping, a visit to Lyn and home.

I'm trying to get some domestic work and forward planning underway this afternoon. I'd rather be out in the fresh air but a) I really need to do the domestic stuff and b) it's still wet and quite cold.

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