Teasel in the mist

A misty, muffled sort of morning. When I was chatting online to my Saturday pals it was mentioned that there's blue sky and sun in both Edinburgh and Pembrokeshire so I don't know what's happened here. I don't think there was a frost last night but it's chilly today. Here is a teasel growing on a bit of wasteland with the Abbey, in the mist, on the other side of the river. No goldfinches on the teasel but plenty on my birdfeeder. Maybe that's why they're not on the teasel.

I've a walk round the river planned this afternoon with a fellow Community Councillor and I'm hoping the sun might have popped out by then. Otherwise it's a quiet Saturday in lockdown Stirling. On the positive side our local gelato maker has just delivered a carton of lemon icecream.

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