Under a canopy

A gift of a day as far as the weather has been concerned. With three loads of washing on the line, some admin completed and a decent cup of coffee enjoyed we set off for the 11:30 dog gathering in Kings Park. After Flora had chased round for a while we walked round the park in beautiful autumn sunshine. The beech trees are holding onto their leaves and the colours are gorgeous. I've added an extra, not a great photograph, so you can see the state of play on the higher tops. Snow! Must be chilly up there.

Back through the town, a bowl of soup and home. As I blip I should have been in Glasgow meeting two of my dear pals, journeying to Málaga and rendezvousing with two other dear friends. Sad family circumstances mean this is not to be though I'm assured that a glass will be raised this evening and I'm sure the warm thoughts will find their way to me.

We're packing for a long journey tomorrow and I'll be blipping from England for a week or so.

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