Up early to a beautiful frosty sunrise. Flora went off to her holiday digs - luckily for her with her friend Lottie the spoodle. What fun they're going to have together.

Tried to get the house reasonable to leave for a week. My friend and neighbour I. will pop in each day to make sure all's well. We got an earlier than planned train to Glasgow to allow time for a leisurely rather than a rushed coffee. We're now on our way south on the west coast line. It will be many hours before we get to our destination but all we have to do is sit tight till Euston, walk to St Pancras and find the HS1 to Ashford where a lift will be waiting. We're not making this journey for a holiday or for happy reasons but I'm sure we'll find time for some R&R.

The blip is the view from the train as it pulls out of Central Station. Crossing the Clyde to the southside of Glasgow and onwards to the border.

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