Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack


Weather turned out better than the original forecast, which was rain, but it was too late to change my plans as I'd already had a fun packed day ahead.

First off was to travel to the west of the Lake District, to meet two special people who always give me so much support, especially when my kidneys had failed.  Without that support I'd not have got through, so it was time to meet them in person and thank you.  So I met Sarah and Bernie, two lovely people and we had a long chat as if we've known each other years, which in sense we have.  I was finally able to give them cwtches in person.

In the evening I travelled back towards Penrith to meet another special supporter in Becky.  This was the first time we'd met and again the conversation just flowed.  And after many virtual cwtches, Becky was finally able to have a proper cwtch.

I know social media comes in for a lot of stick these days, particularly in these turbulent political times, but it has been a positive experience for me, and I've made great friends online who've become great friends in the real world as well.  Hell I wouldn't even be alive if it wasn't for social media, I'd never have met Geoff my donor.

In between meet wonderful friends I went to Ulverston and to the Laurel and Hardy Museum.  It was brilliant, and I had a good workout for my chuckle muscles as I watched a couple of their films in the cinema which the museum is located in.  Their statue is close by as well, and of course I had my photograph taking with them.

Today has been a most excellent day, and I'm very thankful :D

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