Late Autumn Blooms

It was bright(ish) first thing today and so we got our walk in early - however Finlay really was a slowcoach and we didn’t go as far as I was expecting, I had to come back by a shorter route. I don’t know why he was so slow, normally he walks alongside me on a loose lead, but today he was lagging behind and just mooching along. He has eaten and he has barked at the postman so I think he is ok. Currently fast asleep on the sofa - typical lurcher.

Rain set in soon after we got back and paused briefly mid afternoon, allowing me to nip out into the garden to photograph a couple of remaining flowers (no idea what they are though, just some random plant thrown in the ground last year). They look better in LARGE!

More homework for Mrs madwill - cushion cover kits today :-)

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