Horse In The Mist

Another foggy, damp, miserable day. I didn’t bother going out for an early walk, instead I went after breakfast. I was hoping to find some misty cobwebs on plants and took along my little LED panel to provide some sparkle in the droplets. However I didn’t find any decent webs :-(

What I did find, however, was this delightful little pony - so small that it peered at me through the fence bars and I had to get the camera down low to photograph it. It looks to haven been having a good time rolling in the mud!

I also found some very colourful leaves (see extra) and I used the LED for this to make them pop against the darker hedge behind.

The horse won out for main blip photo as I have already done ‘autumn’ this week!

Tunisian lamb stew for tea tonight - a nice warming dish.

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