Friday productivity

A hard, busy admin day but I got lots of tricky jobs done

The bad weather is due to come rolling in tomorrow which means a walk may not be on the cards sadly (it is much needed).

I’m thinking of making some figgy pudding for Christmas so I may do that if the weather prevents me going out. According to one of my books about traditions there is a traditional ‘mixing up’ date in November for baking ready for Christmas (I think it lands on a weekend)

This is a lovely bouquet of flowers I bought for the house. The autumnal colours are lovely and it was hugely reduced at the supermarket. Last time I picked one of these up it lasted weeks because of the type of flowers.

I may make onion soup if it’s particularly grim outside and I’ve got some French goats cheese to float on top of it (on a slice of bread) - proper nurture food!

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