Northern Star

By Lifferz

Bread Mountain

It’s rare I walk into Stroud in time to see the Salt Bake house’s bread mountain, usually there are about 15 loaves left by the time I reach the market area.

Today lashings of icy rain were forecast, arriving at about 9:30 according to the radar. I was awake at 7:30 without the need for an alarm so a cooked breakfast was made and waterproofs the sorted before we hit the road.

Walked 3 and a half miles and now, after going around the markets and charity shops I am sitting in a slightly cold pub drinking lime and soda, waiting for my favourite pub to open at 12 noon.

I’m hoping I can persuade MrH to go to the cinema after lunch as that may guarantee a dry walk back.

Reading the paper last night I see the very controversial Cat Cafe in town has closed down. I’m sure there is a bigger story behind the closure but I don’t know what. The idea of going into a cafe so you can stroke cats baffles me!

Woke to my second dream this week of having money issues. Last night I dreamt I got robbed and a few days ago I dreamt I was much younger and had to ask strangers to lend me money as I was in a nightclub and had lost my wallet, I couldn’t afford money for a taxi home (unlikely to be helpful as I didn’t know where I was or where I lived!)

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