But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

The Building Site.

Next Tuesday, I’m due to be showing some of the camera club members how to produce panoramas for the end of season competition. So, I’ve been mugging up on how to set up camera and tripod so the camera rotates accurately around the lens’ front nodal point. It’s a topic that pales into insignificance, bearing in mind that, if you discount today, the last time I took a panorama I was in a small tiny boat in the middle of the Atlantic; then there was no way that anything was rotating about anything else. Not even the Earth appeared to be rotating about its own axis.
I’ve also managed to source a free stitching programme (AutoStitch), which is surprisingly easy to use, for those mortals without Photoshop and worked out how to do the same task in Elements. My father managed to stitch panoramas with a cardboard substrate, scalpel and glue, and none of his equipment would have allowed him to gyrate around a nodal point.
The Blip is, of course, of a field a few yards from home; while the one I’m standing in is shortly to disappear under a block of concrete. I would dearly like to know where all the souls will be coming from to occupy all of those new and expensive houses, and who is paying our honest cooncillors how much to be allowed to make a queen’s ransom out of the housing scheme.

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