a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Coal Tit

Well, its been an interesting 24 hours, in terms of that old curse, 'may you live in "interesting" times'.

Dad who is 88 and suffers from Parkinson's disease, appears to have feinted while waiting for the service to start at his local church, and was an emergency admission to hospital last night.  A TIA was initially suspected, but the results of the various scans do now seem to have ruled this out.

It appears that he'd gone to the church with his wife just over an hour before the service was due to start as both of their watches were showing the wrong time.  It is possible that the combination of a cold church and not having eaten properly that day combined with the state of his medication to cause the problem.  We'll never know for sure.  We'll also draw a veil over quite why on this occasion he was wearing his pyjama top under his gardening jacket with the holed elbow, rather than a shirt and smart jacket, when he's normally such a smart dresser, particularly when going to church.

Cathy and I spent the evening at the local hospital keeping people company giving lifts and helping to organise the kit for the overnight stay once they decided to admit him.  The NHS staff were pretty impressive I have to say, and considering that it was a Saturday night in the Accident and Emergency Unit (with the chaos that generally involves), they were very efficient, helpful and pleasant to deal with.

After dropping my step-mum off, we eventually got to bed in the early hours, so today has been a little subdued.

The good news is that all seems well with Dad, in himself (subject to the constraints of old age and Parkinson's disease) and the hospital have confirmed that he can come home.

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