Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Plain Jane

Such a common backyard bird, and a rather drab one at that - the female House Finch.  Still, this was my favorite shot of the day.  As I was sitting in the hide this afternoon, she perched on a spent stalk of liatris and started plucking seeds from it.  Look closely and you'll see a bunch of fuzzy seed heads sticking out of her bill.  The tones of this photo almost appear monotone to me, although they are just as the camera (and photographer) saw them.  

It has been a good day, starting with Hubs' special pancakes followed by a long talk with my parents who are finally starting to get over their colds/flu.  Then, Hubs and I went to the gym and treadmilled for about an hour. Back home for lunch, then out to the hide for me.  

SIL is feeling some after effects of her surgery with an upset tummy, so while Hubs and I will enjoy a pizza tonight, she will be dining on saltines and ginger ale.  She is continuing to recover very well though.  

Two more photos on Flickr, starting HERE - more finches, but shots I am very happy with.  

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