Tiny Zucchini and Burnouts

The theme today is “new” which this emerging zucchini is. Thanks Dbifulco for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month.

The extra is to illustrate some excitement we had late last night.
There was a terrible racket which we first thought was the roadworks but realised it was someone doing burnouts. In fact he had rammed his ute against a brick wall and was revving it to the full.
We called the police and they kept Mr isbi on the line (as we hid in the shadows of the garden) until they arrived and arrested the very drunk young man.
This is what he did to his tyres and the engine is probably in worse shape!

The fires are still serious but we have been fortunate so far in the Blue Mountains.
I did get a fright as just when I took Elizabeth to swimming we were alerted (there is an excellent app to keep people informed) to a fire in Katoomba, just 3km east of us with strong westerly winds blowing. Luckily they soon got it under control.

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