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By walkingMarj

Tuesday on Harris

We have had a full and productive day today.

We even managed to dodge most of the showers.

This morning we headed west towards Rodel, although we did not stop there. My extra shows Jeremy with his camera and tripod making an image of one of the many deserted houses on the island. I loved the light, the colours and the sharpness of the image.

We had a quick stop in Leverburgh before lunch and saw a lovely shop with all Harris tweed goods. No tourist tat here either. We didn't buy but admired.

After lunch at the house, we walked to Scarista beach. It's only 10 minutes away and the waves were getting up, as you can see in my main image.

The rain came down. I put up the umbrella and sheltered behind it. This gave me time to dry off the camera and lens. After 15 minutes the rain had stopped and the light became magical. Photographing the waves is a big challenge and I wasn't happy with quite  a few.  It was great to be on the beach and just look. The sun set and it was still fairly (relatively) warm.

We came back, had a rest and a good dinner. It's an early night tonight.

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