By Kipsie

This is the new addition

to my plant collection, & garden - Saxifraga fortunei 'Black Ruby'.  I was looking for a plant to remember Ruby, the lovely golden labrador who sadly had to be put to sleep while I was looking after her recently. Carolyn her owner had bought me a beautiful pot for the garden as a thank you, & cassiesmum had told me to look for a plant. This is my favourite colour, hot pink, the plant is perfect for the pot. I would have preferred it to have been named just 'Ruby' but the foliage is very striking so 'Black' is also very apt. I have'nt planted it in the pot just yet as I need to buy some soil, but it's sitting in the pot & when I looked out of the patio doors this morning the sunlight was shining right on it, it looked so pretty especially with the shadow behind. I'm so pleased I took it then as the weather had changed completely by the time I got back from a lunch catch up with family.

Mum & I headed off to the Heathfield Inn, Honiton. We were meeting up with my cousin Sandie,  hubby Ian, & Uncle Phil, my Dad's brother. It's just occurred as I'm typing this that Dad & Uncle Phil lived at Heathfield when they were very young. Nowhere near The Heathfield Inn that we visited today though. We had a bit of a detour, I took the wrong road, Mum did'nt have a clue where we were, her sense of direction is hopeless, mine not much better obviously, BUT we reached our destination in good time thanks to my Google assistant. I should have asked her before we set off. I'll know next time. Getting to our destination in very good time meant that we had 30 minutes to kill, so I quickly did a Google search for Aldi, & nipped off there to get dog biscuits for Indie, Mum's dog, arriving back at the pub just as the rellies were getting out of their car. Sandie is well into this Ancestry family tree research, doing both sides of her parents, & both sides of hubby's as well. She's been doing it for quite a few years,  today we were going back over some of the old days with Uncle Phil, he's 93 years old, a little frail but his mind & memory are as sharp as a pin. I would'nt have the patience to do all the research so it's interesting to hear what Sandie has found. She had asked Mum for a photo of Neil, my younger brother who passed away when he was just 29 years of age. The only photo she could find of him latterly was in a group photo taken at a golf tournament. He was actually stood next to the husband of my best friend at school, so I guess they must have played against each other. Quite a coincidence. Another photo for Sandie's ever increasing family album.

We came back from Honiton a lot quicker than we went strangely enough.

I've just watched Ben Fogle - New Lives In The Wild, episode 2 on catch up. A Scottish lady living in Ethiopia. I'm loving the series. 

Thanks to dbifulco for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month.

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