Clearing Sky - Lake Te Anau

Three images from my mobile put together in Lightroom.  We have driven from Wanaka, over the Crown Range road and on to Te Anau.  The weather forecast was spot on in that the wind around midday was quite fierce followed by rain which has now blown on Northward.  We did have a stop in Arrowtown which was thronged with visitors and so not good for blippery.   As the sky was clearing we took a walk along the lake front where the clouds on the mountains and the float plane on the lake caught my eye.  As the lake is near surrounded by mountains I'll tag this for wide Wednesday.  Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words on my Wanaka Willow of yesterday!  I've left the orange buoy in this one on purpose :-)

Can I suggest you take a look at this blip from Neil who is the vice-chair at my village camera club and sometimes travels abroad for his work,  this one is from Vietnam. He has just reached 100 blips :-)

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