By ArcLight

Paris by Night

The beginning of some big travels - all by train as I'm still within the clot risk window where flying is strongly advised against. So, once again with some help from my hosts, we're on our way, this time via Paris to.... well, that's tomorrow (or today as this is a backblip...). Anyway, we had a smooth journey to KGX and then onto the Eurostar to Paris, which was nowhere near as full as it was when we travelled to Brussels in October. The Gare du Nord was, however, packed, it being that time of day when people are going home, and on the RER to the Gare de Lyon we were packed in like sardines. However, the knee held up fine, and I pulled my own (relatively small) case, rather than relying solely on Mr A as I did in October. I was obviously very careful getting on and off trains, and stood up to move around as much as I could.

After finding our hotel (which was trickier than it should have been owing to an absence of appropriate signage in the station and renovations in and near the Gare de Lyon), we headed out again to check where we need to go tomorrow to find our train and then to find something to eat. Algerian was the order of the day, in a place I would definitely revisit if this travelling by train lark becomes more of a "thing". An excellent meal, although possibly eaten too close to bedtime which meant I didn't sleep especially well.

I love the retro Paris Metro signs.

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