By ArcLight

Through the park

An early morning exercise class set me up for the day, as did walking to work in bright sunshine that was really quite warm (I didn't even have to wear a coat - and just to note that I put some nice clothes on including a new Seasalt tunic, because...well just because it's better not always to feel sloppily dressed). I spent almost all day reading my way through 18 long applications for funding. I'll put in my grades and comments tomorrow.

There was more walking on the way back too. I got as far as London Road on the Number 7 before the bus stopped for quite a long time. Then the bus driver told the passengers that Easter Road (already a substitute for Leith Walk) was blocked, so we were going through Lochend. No thanks. I (along with many on the bus) got off and walked home from there. Well up on my steps and "zone minutes" for the week now.

A *delicious* venison curry for dinner, and then a couple of pieces of nonsense TV, after I'd declined to watch the film that Mr A had suggested we might watch, as the synopsis on wikipedia indicated there would be far too much violence for me. He can watch it when I'm out, or on his ipad with his headphones on.

I didn't watch the Scotland match, but I did keep an eye on the live text, and was pleased to see the result...which must have been stressful for those watching.

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