By ArcLight

Water pipe

This blip is very much a hommage to Mr A and his water's edge series. We came across this trough and pipe in the woods near the hotel, when we were taking a post-lunch stroll (walking off at least some of the excess of food we've been eating over the last couple of days). By the way, just to impress my readers and viewers, I've also added an extra of the hotel which is indeed a castle. However, we are staying in a slightly odd modern block which is to the left of the picture as you look at the castle, which is probably a relief. The old bits seem to have virtually no functional toilets, which is a bit worrying (and periodically a bit annoying...).

The main bit of the retreat was over at lunchtime - the bits that carried on in the afternoon didn't involve the external participants. Most people left to return home, but we aren't continuing our travels until tomorrow. Hence the afternoon walk, and then I did a bit more on the book manuscript. I was pleased to get some comments from the reviewer for the publisher, although to be honest they weren't much help. But equally, I don't think they require me to do anything really fundamental to the manuscript - just carry on trying to clarify stuff as much as I can.

Using the wifi in the bar to do my blip, rather than continuing with being a day behind. Then we're going to have a light dinner and get an early night before getting back on the trains tomorrow.

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