By spannarama

One New Change

Took a quick detour via One New Change on the way to work, and sneaked a quick photo on my phone from the bottom of the staircase (the security there are not keen on photography, but they didn't see me - this time!)

Spent the entire day working on a spreadsheet, and still have a bit left to do on Monday.  Apart from going a bit cross-eyed I wierdly quite enjoyed it - quite nice just to focus on one thing without too many interruptions.

Phoned Argos again about our microwave today (some of the paint from the inside had melted onto the inside of the door, which I'm guessing is not a particularly good sign).  Their customer service was great - no questions asked and they dispatched a new one this evening, and collected the old one too.

Had a lovely Friday evening in with Tim - no laptops, just total relaxation.

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