By MerrilHope


The annual event when graduates come 'home' for the day. Significant reunions included the class of '69 - half a century ago - and the oldest graduates were from the class of 1942 which by my reckoning makes them 90 or older.   Ma┼čallah!  

After the well attended roll call, 1942 - 2019, there was musical entertainment provided by a band of 'mature' graduates, and then our current orchestra, led by my colleague Deniz, today's photo snapped from the wings.

My goodness they certainly picked a lovely day for it - super sunshine and about 23ºC, so plenty of people were wandering around campus, revisiting their youth - but everyone had gone by 19.00 when, with Graham and Carl, back from their tourist in Istanbul day, we had dinner at Dantes in Arnavutkoy.  Having spent all morning working on administrative stuff to do with the Holland MUN conference (as yesterday), and then in school much of the afternoon, it was a very pleasant way to end this Sunday, a day of work, rest and play, which reminds me.....

Mono Monday 18th November - the theme this week is 'work, rest and play'. The tag is mm304.  Please join in the fun, interpreting, misinterpreting, (or even ignoring!) the theme in any way you wish. 

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