If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Just a fluke......

Blip tell s me this is my 2190 post or to put it another way I have been blipping for 6 years and not missed a day.  Not quite correct I started on 17/12/13 my blipiversary happens early because in the upheaval a few years back what were known as archive shot (those taken before you started to blip)  suddenly began to count towards your total.  A retrograde step in my opinion. 

The fact I am celebrating 6 years of blipping is indeed a fluke.  If you have read my bio you will have seen I started purely to record the run up to and recovery from my hip replacement surgery.  I would like to thank anyone who has over the years had anything to do with keeping Blip running.  Particularly Joe Tree whose concept it was originally and all those who now keep things running so smoothly.

So we were off for the weekend to Durham for the Lumiere.  What a time to be caught with a flat battery I thought.  So to ensure that didn't happen I put the battery on charge last night.  Then went off to Durham leaving it at home.  Oh well I can take shots at the Lumiere by Clickychick letting me use hers.  Wrong she left hers in the car parked at her friends house before we took the bus into the city.

So the blip is a phone shot of what I felt was the most spectacular item.   I think, (never having seen a whale in real life of the Aurora Borealis from anywhere other than the UK) that it looks like a whale diving with the Northern Lights playing over head.

It is incredible when you realise that the "whale" we saw and heard breeching, diving and rolling in the River Wear (looking life size) was merely film and sound projected on to a fan of sprayed water (the start of the fan is visible just to the left of the "tail".

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