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Whisper ............

 ............. Wednesday.

Four years ago today we had to have  our beautiful Shadow Dancer put to sleep.   We cried buckets of tears and the house felt so empty.

A few weeks later, into our life from the same rescue centre, came this Romanian rascal that we renamed Whisper.    He brought back the love and the laughter and an incredible amount of naughtiness into our home.

We still talk about and miss Shadow a lot (and as I type this the tears are falling) but now we wouldn't be without Mister Whisper for a minute.

These two dogs could not be more different in temperament, looks or attitude but, just sometimes, they overlap and make us smile - see the extras for some bench surfing from them both!

We're so happy to give this boy a forever home and he rewards us with more affection than we can sometimes cope with - but that's not a bad thing.   :o))

Please, please, please do not buy a dog/puppy at Christmas (or any time) - go to a rescue centre or shelter and give an unwanted or mistreated dog a loving home.   If you cannot have a dog for whatever reason maybe you could donate some food or collars and leads to a local dog rescue place.   I know that these wonderful places can always do with towels and sheets for use in their kennels - please don't throw yours out before enquiring.

~ Anni ~

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