A ............

 .......... riot of colour for FlowerFriday20_2020  (FF20_2020).

The same carnations from 6th November with some "bargain bucket" flowers added ....... the alstroemerias I bought with the carnations are only fit for the bin!
Possibly not a colour mix that would please everyone but I quite like it.

In the extras is the original photo that I used for AbstractThursday this week ....... some of you got very close - they are actually a well-known brand of dog biscuit - Whisper's not too sure about them but, being on a bit of a diet, he eventually eats them when he realises that there is nothing better coming!!!!!

Smile for the Day:

Did you hear in the news about that Chinese restaurant that got vandalized? 
It was an act of wonton destruction.

Boom boom!


~ Anni ~

Just a note:   I use the new PicMonkey and, sometimes, PhotoscapeX for any post-processing - it's now started deleting my EXIF data - annoying!!!!

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