By MerrilHope

Post Midterms rest

Last official day of mid term exams, everyone is exhausted. A few stragglers next week (including the music theory exam), but for most, this stressful stretch is over and we now have a four day break.  School closed at 13.00 and this afternoon was the Teachers' Day (officially 24th November) annual luncheon. Now I'm home and packing for Prague before dinner tonight with Graham and Carl.

MONO MONDAY results a day earlier than usual as I hope I won't have much blipping time over the next four days !  So, without further ado, mono  
monday 18th November five hearts, for responses to "work, rest and play" in no particular order, go to:-

but thank you everyone for joining in and I have to say there were really quite a few more entries worthy, if only I had the hearts....

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