This young squirrel has been eyeing my peanut feeder (which is there for the woodpeckers) for a couple of weeks! We've had so many laughs watching it trying to calculate how to get to it and watching all it's near misses. Well today he/she did it!  I have a wooden "arm" attached to the railing on one side of the porch--it has various "signs" that hang off of it, depending on the season--& it's at least 4-5 feet from the end of the "arm" to the feeder. Today we watched this squirrel launch itself and make the leap successfully! It spent about 30 seconds clinging to the feeder as it spun around, then carefully got in a better position to try for the nuts. All that work, and I don't think it was successful getting any of them as the openings in the wire sides are pretty small. I got the camera, took a couple of pictures, and then rapped on the window, thinking it would be startled and would jump down off the feeder. But no.......it looked at me as if to say "WHAT! I'm not doing anything"!   :)))

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