Wide Wednesday: "Moving/Movement"

You can see my arm moving in this shot - indeed most of my body is moving. I decided that now that the weather seems to have become more wintry I might as well swap the tyres for the winter ones (I have a duplicate set of wheels so the tyres themselves don't need swapping from one rim to another). I've got this down to a fine art now so it didn't take too long, although I was almost stumped by one of the wheels: I've no idea what torque the garage must have set their wrench to when the car was serviced in the summer but the wheel nuts on one wheel were incredibly tight: I think the mechanic must have thought he was working on a 38-ton truck! Happily my long-handled torque wrench (left over from my MG days years ago) eventually helped me to release them - and I always use it when tightening them again to ensure I use the right torque. And you can just see my trusty red trolley jack which dates from the same era.

For some time my Editor has been hinting (well, slightly more than hinting) that I should clean the car inside & out - and I have to admit that it was filthy as you can see in the photo, I'd almost forgotten what colour it was under the dirt. The weather today was fine and dry and not too cold so that was the next job. Of course, it'll soon get mucky again...!

Many thanks as always to Bobsblips for looking after Wide Wednesday.

(Note: Don't worry, I do have some jeans & trainers that don't have holes in them...but I like to dress scruffily when doing this sort of job!)

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