By Kipsie

The next arrival on platform 2

at 3pm will be the Paignton to London Paddington service.
Gosh it was bitterly cold down there on the English Riviera seafront this afternoon. Not too many holidaymakers about strangely enough. I did'nt hang about for too long either, quickly took quite a few pics of this train coming into Torquay, then departing, before heading back.

A dry night ... whoop whoop!!! Ella only woke me once at4ish, I let her out, she had a wander then back to bed. Breakfast, freshly cooked chicken for madam, the usual Greek yogurt, apple & blackberry cheese with granola for me. I know Nicky said she liked to eat the same as them but I don't think she would have been too thrilled with my concoction.  We went for our morning jaunt down and around the park, she can still but a spurt on, especially when her feet hit the grass, or it might have been the scent of the partially eaten pigeon carcass of course.
Then a trip to Asda to pick up a few bits, quite civilized in the supermarket.I must make a note of the time. I'm not a fan of supermarket shopping. No fresh thyme, then I could'nt find fresh cream, after which I had to ask for directions to the coconut milk. Blimey, what a difference in price .. Asda own label coconut milk 69pence, Blue Dragon brand, I think £1.76. A few prices variables like that would make quite a difference to a shop.
Did a bit more tidying in the garden, picking up the prunings from the Caryopteris that I left yesterday, cut some rose buds to bring indoors, That was it outside.
Time for lunch  - hummus,  cherry tomatoes, &  toasted naan bread for me, a little more cooked chicken for Ella, then I walked down to the train station & seafront. I certainly did'nt hang about.
Got back at 4pm. Time for coffee & Tipping Point. Cash Trapped is growing on me, that took me through to 6pm with my faithful Magners then I made dinner -  Chicken & coconut ramen............... delish!

Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting Wide Wednesday

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