By Kipsie

I've done it again ...

wiped out everything I'd written ...
I bought two sheets of A4 lino to cut for prints. I've spent the best part of this afternoon cutting most of it away. I must be bonkers.
I WAS telling you about Ella piddling on the floor in the night, attempting to clean her eyes this morning, still having 8 fingers & 2 thumbs tonight.
The dodgy looking M&S Spinach, broccoli & pea soup we had for lunch. Not being able to operate the coffee making machine, oven, or microwave at lunchtime, nor finding the attachment for the gadget to make my veggie soup silky smooth last night. That obviously slipped my mind last night.
So I'm going to quit now before I do something else stupid. I did hear a bird calling outside in the pitch black just now but it's flown off. Probably an owl of some sort there was one ta-witt ta-wooing last night.
My abstract is of about £3 of useless lino, but working on my hourly rate that will be easily absorbed in the price of the final piece. Hark at me!!!!!

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday & giving us the added challenge Lines

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