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Today's task

Today I chose flooring and came in under budget!

It was the AGM for the charity I'm a trustee for this morning, sadly there were no representatives from service users families there. Good to hear we are doing OK in challenging times though and our service is highly rated.
From there I went to the flooring shop and managed to get all we need.
Back to EH4 and Kate and I went out for lunch which was rather nice followed by a trip to the rectory to see how things are going.
I came home after and started to feel decidly under the weather, but as I don't have time for that I went for a curative power nap which seems to have put me back on track.
This evening a quick washing delivery to Ali, a visit to Douglas and Arabella and a shop in Tesco. Sadly they no longer have Bendicks mints at a good price but the After Eights were on offer instead, that'll do!
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