Christmas cards written

Phew - we've written all our Christmas cards!

We think that the newsletter is done too, unless we find any more typos/dream up any 'improvements' in the next few days. So far nobody has guessed this year's theme. Previously we have had:

2018: Horoscopes - principally so that we could miss out Cancer
2017: Blue Planet III
2016: Settlers of CC (Settlers of Catan)
2015: Halldark (Poldark)
2014: CC Courant (Hexham Courant)
2013: 50 years of Who? (Dr Who)
2012: Fifty shades of Haze
2011: Xmaticus
2010: A history of the hazelhs' 2010 in slightly fewer than 100 objects
2009: Plugs and chants (Blog and tweets)
2008: Sock puppets
2007: Fakebook
2006: Outsourcing
2005: Hudoku (Sudoku)
2004: LIDL written (Little Britain)
2003: 40 things about being 40
2002: Popstars - the islands
2001: Friends gone demented (Friends Reunited)
2000: Marauders' map of 2000 (Harry Potter)
1999: Who wants to be a millionaire?
1998: The girl with the plait (Cat in the hat)
1997: Scott Adams (Dilbert)
1996: Christmas song sheet (Christmas carols with new lyrics that summarised our year)
1995: The List
1994: School report
1993: Timothy and the red-haired girl (Rupert the bear)
1992: Daily Mail

There, I have always wanted to list them all somewhere, so now that is done :-)

Exercise today: none.

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