By KatesGardenPDX

Frozen Yarrow

Today was busy...spent the morning with my mom, but fortunately my dad was discharged from the hospital this afternoon. So my two sisters and I stayed with my mom, and then dad for a while...having the ever-difficult conversation about how much care is necessary.

Then I went to see my grandchildren - ages 2 and 6 - who spend every Sunday afternoon with my co-grandmother. We always have a grand time, and today was no exception. In a way, I really needed to delve into being as silly and child-like as can be after the somberness of the elderly. What a juxtaposition. 

Today's blip is of a very frozen yarrow plant - I think this is one of our PNW native yarrows, but I could be mistaken. I feel like I need to ground myself in nature for the next few days. 

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