By ArcLight

Home... a hole in the ground - literally. Years ago, several parking spaces in our car park were fenced off, as the concrete was collapsing. It's taken a very long time for the management company to get round to doing the repairs. Probably because they were waiting for there to be enough money in the "savings account" we all contribute to. It was supposed to start weeks ago, but nothing had happened by the time we left 12 days ago. We have returned to a huge hole in the ground. No one was there working on it today, so I've no idea what we are waiting for.

Other than that .... loads and loads of washing, a trip to the supermarket and various other domestic chores for Mr A, a first spinning class for me (taken very gently and I stopped after 30 of the scheduled 45 minutes but I enjoyed it a lot), and then progress on editing. My publishing deadline is not going to be changed by other things happening in universities at present.

It was, as ever, good to be home, and I felt considerably better after more than eight hours sound sleep in my own bed.

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